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Facts about domino 99

Domino live is a game played with rectangle shaped blocks called dominoes. A tile divides the face of the tile into two squares. The marked spots on each end are called pips or nips or dobs. The back side of the domino is different depending upon the set, either they remain blank or have a common design. Dominos can be used to play many games the popular one is “block dominoes.” Kiu Kiu or Qiu Qiu is a very popular form of dominoes in Indonesia which is related to pai gow. It’s also known as domino 99. It is a very odd game where it is played with double six dominoes set, and after a few games, the dominoes are discarded due to signs of wear.

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Domino 99 is a kind of game that uses dominoes in the traditional poker game. Players are distributed with three domino cards and have to pay a fixed ante or amount into the pot. Each player can either call or raise or bet or fold after the cards are evaluated. If there is only one bettor in the first round then the bettor can take the pot without showing the hands or else the other players have to deal with a fourth card who did not fold. There are subjected limits to 1st and 2nd round betting.

After the final round betting is done, the players have to reveal their hands and the player having the highest hand will take the whole pot. When cards are formed into pairs, each pips pairs are summed in which the unit digit only is considered as a total of 23 pips become 3 and pip of 19 becomes 9, in this way the pips are compared to find the highest.

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Apart from playing domino live can also be played online with millions of players. The online game has its cons like the players can build their community through social features and chats, speed options like normal and fast, players who are uncomfortable with languages can change to their suitable language. These games bring full-on entertainment while playing and makes the player curious to learn more while he loses. The online game is very helpful to the people who don’t have any casinos in their areas or don’t like going to any. This game is quite hard to understand but is one of the most entertaining games.

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